Charlotte Gainsbourg Is The Nymphomaniac For Lars von Trier

After much speculation Charlotte Gainsbourg has confirmed she will star in her Antichrist and Melancholia director, Lars von Triers next film, titled The Nymphomaniac.

When asked if she would be in von Triers’ next film, in an interview with The Observer, the actress said:

“Yes. I haven’t read the script; I sort of had to commit to doing the film without reading it.”

Gainsbourg, who has worked with the director on his last two films, will be joined by her Melancholia co-star, and fellow frequent von Trier collaborator Stellan Skarsgård. On top of that Gainsbourg’s Antichrist co-star, Willem Dafoe has also stated that he may be in the film. Although as of now, that’s unconfirmed.

The Nymphomaniac is eyeing a 2013 release.