Chaos Reigns In The Latest This Is 40 Poster

Ever since we saw them having it out in Knocked Up, it looks to be Judd Apatow‘s intention to use a movie family to tell us all about his own family, using his own family, though the director has conveniently replaced himself with Paul Rudd, because, well, who wouldn’t replace themselves with Paul Rudd? So ignoring the fact that Apatow has cast his wife and two children to play the exact same roles they would serve in his own personal life, This Is 40 looks to be another strong comedy from the guy who makes all the comedies.

So far the marketing for This Is 40 has fallen on both ends of the spectrum: some trailers have pinned it as a gag-based laughfest, whilst others have made it out to be a depressing slog towards inevitable death. As some kind of higher entity who has read the original script, I can confidently tell you that it’s both funny and resounding, and contains all that Apatowness we’ve come to love. And now there’s a new poster out for the upcoming flick, which attempts to pin married life with a sort of apathetic chaos. Check it out below.

This Is 40 is out 21st December 2013 and co-stars Leslie Mann and Megan Fox.

Source: CinemaBlend