Check Out 9 High-Res Images From The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Comic-Con provided us with a ton of information about The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and what has come from both that panel and recent magazine articles has been received quite well by fans so far. On the heels of all those positive reactions, Columbia Pictures has posted 9 high-res images from the film online.

While we’ve seen most of these images before in some form, it’s still cool to get them in better quality. That makes them perfect for desktop backgrounds, or wallpapering your house, or whatever you like to do with awesome movie stills.

In terms of the new pictures, there’s a cool shot of Peter in his room (which can be seen above), and expanded versions of the pictures of Spidey and Electro, and Peter and Harry. But even the ones we’ve seen before serve as great looks at the film.

We still don’t get to see Felicity Jones’ character or Sarah Gadon’s unfortunately. Both of them are sort-of mystery women in the cast, so it’s fair to assume Marc Webb will want to hold onto their identities, at least until the first trailer releases. Considering there’s still just under 10 months until this film hits theaters, there is plenty of time for many more reveals.

If these images aren’t enough for you, you can always head over and check out the first footage from the film. It teases Electro, and should be enough to get you really excited for Jamie Foxx as the villain. Or you can read up on what Webb has to say to those who are wondering if this sequel is going to have too many villains for its own good.

What do you think of these high-res images? Check out the full gallery below and then head to the comments section to share your thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man 2.