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Renowned for the meticulous documentation of his film projects (and for a fluctuating weight that puts Christian Bale to shame), New Zealand-born director Peter Jackson has kept excited fans well in the loop over the course of The Hobbit‘s production through the means of online video blogs, each one focused on an intricate aspect of its extremely complex construction. And now we’ve been granted the 9th (and presumably final) video blog in the series, because you didn’t think these things would last forever, did you?

Yes, with just about three weeks to go before The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits theatres worldwide, Jackson’s latest behind-the-scenes video lasts a hefty 15 minutes and provides us with a glimpse of the film’s editing process, which might sound extremely boring if you happen to be a regular person with outside interests. However, if you’re excited by the thought of Peter Jackson laying seductively across the length of a sofa whilst simultaneously making occasional suggestions to his editor, you’re in for a treat. There’s even a moment in which Jackson, currently appearing in his largest physical form, abandons his editor to make a cup of tea. Tense.

For those who may have stumbled upon this article by accident but have somehow made it to this paragraph anyway, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is the first of three parts in an upcoming trilogy of films based on a meer 300-page book, one whose length is shorter than that of any one of the The Lord of the Rings novels (but who each had to settle for a measly one film adaptation).

The big question remains: how will the relatively short and simple novel survive being stretched out into a series of films that will actually take longer to watch than it would to simply read the book? All these questions answered on December 14th, when Bilbo Baggins sets out on his quest to the Lonely Mountain and Peter Jackson decides whether or not he should’ve bowed to studio pressure. Besides, nobody likes books anymore. There are no special effects in books.

Check out the 9th video blog below:

Source: The Film Stage

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