Avengers: Infinity War Hi-Res IMAX Photos Bring Us Closer To The Spectacle


It’s safe to say that the Avengers: Infinity War trailer delivered everything we hoped for, giving us more superheroes than you can shake a stick at and the promise of some truly intense action. Admittedly, I have a couple of reservations about how the Russo Brothers are going to squeeze all this into a movie, but then again, Marvel has done a pretty great job with their ensemble pieces so far, so I’m optimistic.

Now, as to keep the hype fires burning, the studio has released a series of gorgeous, high resolution stills from the trailer for us to pore over, which are apparently taken from the upcoming IMAX version of the preview. There’s a lot of good stuff in here, too.

Most notably is a great look at Spider-Man’s new metallic costume. When I first saw the trailer, I assumed that Parker had taken late delivery of the super-Spider suit that Tony Stark attempted to gift him at the end of Homecoming. But, on closer inspection, this is an entirely new look (possibly inspired by Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide). It’s a safe bet that this is still a Stark design, though, and that Spidey is going to need every single ace up his sleeve to avoid being swatted like a bug by Thanos.

Also interesting is Vision in Paul Bettany-shaped human form. Despite being one of the more powerful Avengers, Vision’s had a death sentence hanging over him from day one, as he derives his power from an Infinity Stone and I’m willing to bet that Thanos ripping it from his forehead isn’t going to turn out well for him. So, it’s nice to see the character getting literally humanized in what are probably going to be his final scenes in the MCU.

Lastly, I also really like how rumpled Mark Ruffalo is in these pictures. There’s a very convincing fan theory that it’s an untransformed Banner controlling the Hulkbuster armor, hoping to keep the big green one suppressed. I think we can all figure how that’s going to go, but I like that he appears to have turned up for a big cosmic street rumble in sweatpants, a cardigan and a T-shirt.

After 10 years and 17 films’ worth of build-up – Black Panther notwithstanding – Avengers: Infinity War is finally prepped and ready to deliver a huge climax on May 3rd, 2018. Select international countries, including the United Kingdom, will welcome Marvel’s sequel a little early, too, which only highlights the continuing importance of the overseas box office.