Check Out Bikini-Clad Megan Fox In Latest This Is 40 Clip

If you’ve clicked on this article to simply skip to that part, then the clip is below for your viewing pleasure (we won’t judge you). For other, more patient readers, we’re proud to grant you a new clip from Judd Apatow‘s upcoming rom-com This Is 40 – a clip that just happens to include a bikini-clad Megan Fox. And, of course, we only refer you to said clip because of Megan Fox’s obviously great acting in this scene, in which she makes jumping into a swimming pool in a bikini look exactly like it would in real-life. Great actress.

If for some reason you’re still reading this (what’s wrong with you?), This Is 40 is set to focus around Pete and Debbie, that couple you saw arguing their way through Knocked Up (to which this movie serves as a sort-of sequel), as they navigate the pitfalls of middle-age. Pete and Debbie are, in fact, based on Judd Apatow and his wife Leslie Mann, a point made further obvious by the fact that Debbie is actually played by Leslie Mann, and that Pete and Debbie’s kids are played by Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann’s actual kids. Basically this is just Judd Apatow’s life for two hours, only he’s replaced himself with Paul Rudd. Who blames the guy? I’d replace myself with Paul Rudd in a flash.

So, what do you think? Did you enjoy the… ahem… mise-en-scene throughout this clip? What, I can’t say mise-en-scene?

This Is 40 hits theatres December 19th 2013.

Source: Total Film

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