Check Out These Brand New Monsters University Stills

Pixar fans worldwide have their fingers crossed that Monsters University – next year’s sequel to the brilliant Monsters Inc. – will mark a return to form for the studio after a genuine tragedy and a middling flick that just didn’t have all the usual magic. Set during Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley’s (John Goodman) alma mater days, this sequel doubles as Pixar’s first prequel, a movie that will hopefully grant the studio a chance to innovate what it means to go back in time and tell a story.

And we’ve got two new images from the upcoming flick below, one of which appears to show Mike and Sulley on an ecstasy binge, tearing up the campus as a result, and another which shows Mike, um, still on said ecstasy binge, though a day later or something. It’s not that kind of college movie, you say? Oh. What is it, then? “This is roughly around the time Mike and Sulley meet,” reveals director Dan Scanlon of the first image. “They’re at a fraternity party, and this is Mike and Sulley getting off on the wrong foot a little bit.”

Yes, Monsters University will apparently pit the two inseparable buddies against one another, making room for a story in which these two bizarre looking fellas will triumph over diversity and become friends.“We get to show off their differences,” said producer Kori Rae. “They both approach life in different ways. Mike is the go-getter type, anything is possible, and he’s the super-hard worker. Sulley is different because he’s a great scarer, he has this natural ability, but Mike has to work for it.”

So it’s kind of like 21 Jump Street then, what with the “hey let’s be best friends ’cause we can help one another out” thing and the coming together of two very different characters. And the drugs! Oh, right, no drugs. Got it. Got it.

Source: EW