Check Out Three Clips From Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln

If you’ve been lying awake at night, hopin’ and prayin’ that for some reason you’ll get to see a bunch of Lincoln clips before the movie hits theatres on November 16th, then today’s your lucky day, patriot: three clips for the upcoming Steven Spielberg biopic have been unveiled online for your viewin’ pleasure. Notice that we’ve put an apostrophe at the end of a few odd words in this article thus far: that’s to get you used to the period setting of the movie, all right?

In the first clip, you can check out Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who is surely keeping his promise to appear in every feature film made this year) as Robert Todd Lincoln pleading with his father to enlist in the army. Then there’s a scene where Lincoln talks to two of his morse code transmitters and recalls Euclid’s mechanical laws and mathematical truths. Lastly, we can see Sally Field (Abe’s wife) confronting Tommy Lee Jones‘ Thaddeus Stevens.

What do you make of these clips, then? Given that the election is all over now and Obama will be sticking around, are you super-pumped to check out a Presidential-based film? Has anyone ever been super-pumped to check out a Presidential-based film?

As usual, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: TheFilmStage