Early Avengers: Infinity War Concept Art Reveals A Much Different Iron Spider


Spider-Man’s upgrade to the Iron Spider suit in Avengers: Infinity War was probably necessary. Despite turning down an armored suit at the conclusion of Homecoming, preferring to remain a friendly neighborhood hero, it’s doubtful he would’ve lasted long against Thanos and his minions without a bit more protection than fabric. While most seem to have agreed that the final Iron Spider suit looked great, this concept art below makes it look like it could’ve been even more stylish.

The design is by artist Ryan Meinerding and, as you can see in the caption, the intention was for it to be very close to the Iron Spider suit debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #529. The picture seems to show that this version ditches blue completely in favor of deep reds and golds, with what looks like black portions in the middle.

It’s a striking look, and the red and gold design only links Spider-Man further to Iron Man – which makes sense as Stark built the technology and considers Parker as a kind of son. However, it’s a bit of a departure from the classic suit, which might be why the film eventually went with a design that’s essentially the classic suit in metal with gold highlights.

Based on what we’ve seen from Spider-Man: Far From Home though, any notions of being conservative when it comes to suit design are right out of the window. Not only have we glimpsed a ‘noir’ costume that appears to be jet black, but also a stylish looking black and red one.

Of course, the current champion of Spider-Man costumes is the recent PlayStation 4 game, in which you have many different dress-up options for Spidey from across his career, with my absolute favorite being the flame-headed Ghost Rider’ Spidey. Still, this Avengers: Infinity War concept art is an interesting look at what could’ve been and you can, as always, leave your thoughts on it down below.

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