Check Out Danny Trejo Vs. Mel Gibson In New Machete Kills Trailer


I am not certain how many different ways I can say that I’m excited for Machete Kills, except to do the Internet equivalent of a happy dance. The latest trailer for Machete Killsmeanwhile, is just so cool I cannot possibly handle it.

We get to see all the major players this time around, from Carlos Estevez (Charlie Sheen) as the American President, to Sofia Vergara and her breasts (I believe they have their own separate credit). But most importantly, we have more than a mere glimpse of Mel Gibson’s villain, an arms dealer who has captured a nuclear weapon with plans to launch it into space.

Mel Gibson has not exactly been a Hollywood favorite recently, and with good reason. Still, he looks pretty good here, chewing the scenery with aplomb and spouting lines like ‘Noah had his ark; now I have mine.’ SNAP! The Road Warrior is back and he’s making self-referential jokes! Maybe Mel is about to have a career resurgence after all.

There are plenty of other big names on hand for Machete Kills, and most of them show up for a brief moment in the new trailer. I spotted Amber Heard, Lady Gaga, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Antonio Banderas, alongside the mainstays of Michele Rodriguez and Danny Trejo as our titular hero Machete. There’s always the chance that a film so overloaded with celebrity cameos might wind up falling flat, but director Robert Rodriguez packed the first Machete will all kinds of celebrities and we had no problem. I think that as long as Rodriguez sticks to formula, this one can’t go wrong.

You can check out the latest trailer for Machete Kills below. What do you think of the latest grindhouse adventure? (There is only one answer: Awesome.)

Machete Kills hits theatres on September 13. It can’t come soon enough.