Drone Cam Gives Us A Sneak Peek At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge


A cunning drone operator has given fans an aerial sneak peek at the under-construction Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park in California. This new addition to Disney’s expansive range of parks has had some serious money poured into it, with the aim of making visitors feel as if they’ve stepped into a galaxy far, far away. Currently, there are two sites in the works, with the California park set to open over the summer and the Florida one a few months later in the fall.

From the looks of this footage, construction of the major buildings is very far along, with many of them mostly complete, save for some external detailing and decoration. One feature that looks fully finished, however, is a life-size Millennium Falcon nestled in the middle of the park. My prediction is that just seeing a fully-sized Falcon will be enough to send most Star Wars fans weak at the knee with orgasmic joy – let alone the prospect of climbing inside to pilot it.

Given that Galaxy’s Edge is set to be an immersive experience, I’d imagine that the set dressing for this is going to be seriously detailed, with the actors and staff working in the park presumably having already begun drills in how to stay in character as whoever they’re playing. Right now, the marketing for it makes it sound like heaven on earth for a Star Wars fan, with guests being able to team up with the Resistance or First Order to play out a conflict that will apparently be canon within the universe. And if you get tired of battling the forces of evil (or good), there’s a bar that serves Star Wars themed alcoholic drinks! 

I’m sure it’ll cost a sizable chunk of change to get in and there’ll be queues for miles, but right now, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is shaping up to be an indispensable part of the 2019 Star Wars calendar.