Check Out An Entire Piece From John Carpenter’s New Halloween Soundtrack


In my view, one of the most essential ingredients when making a good movie is that of ensuring it contains a dynamite score. Though some may not think it, music can make or break a final cut, as it often serves as a director’s secret weapon when it comes to establishing the tone of a specific scene – or it can assure that your product is placed among the pantheon of the all-time greats.

By now, I’m sure that whenever you hear John Williams’ themes for Star Wars, Jurassic Park or Superman, your mind instantly takes you to a special place. Of course, there are others worth mentioning as well, such as Danny Elfman’s Batman march and John Carpenter’s untouchable Halloween main title theme, the latter of which serves as a launching point for today’s discussion.

As you may have heard, Carpenter’s been a bit more hands on with Blumhouse’s upcoming sequel than he’s been with any entry into the franchise for some time. In fact, he’s again taken on the job of composer, thus assuring we’ll be able to hear the master at work – and you can sample some of his wares in the video embedded below.

Appropriately titled “The Shape Returns,” this piece contains the classic Halloween theme and reprises a few other notes made popular by the 1978 original. I’m not sure at what point in the film it’ll drop, so the jury is out on whether it’ll be heard during the main titles or in a pivotal scene. Either way, it’s capable of giving anybody goosebumps.

Thankfully, the soundtrack album will release the same day Halloween arrives in theaters, which’ll be on October 19th. And for more on the flick itself, be sure to check out our review.