Check Out The Extended DC Films Intro Ahead Of Aquaman


Just as Marvel’s iconic red splash screen precedes each entry in the MCU, Warner’s DC output contains a brief, yet inspired intro welcoming its viewers into the DC Extended Universe.

It’s one which received a pretty dramatic facelift on the eve of Wonder Woman, before that same sizzle reel played in front of Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s Justice League some months later. Fast forward to now, and it appears Warner Bros. has reworked its DC Films intro once again, which seems to have been cut together in time for soon-to-be-released animated film, The Death of Superman.

It’ll likely be screened in front of Aquaman, too, as you’ll be able to see a comic-accurate Arthur Curry work his magic from beneath the waves. All in all, it runs for approximately 10 seconds longer than its predecessor, so it remains to be seen whether Warner Bros. will release this new DC intro as is, or trim it ever so slightly as Aquaman‘s theatrical release draws near.

The James Wan-directed spinoff isn’t expected to hit these shores until December, so it’ll likely be some time before Warner Bros. serves up a firm answer – perhaps we’ll catch wind of something during the studio’s showcase at San Diego Comic-Con next month?

Either way, here’s that DC-themed intro that will be attached to The Death of Superman:

Pretty cool, no? And while it’s essentially an extended version of the one that came before, it’s pretty clear that Warner Bros. is plotting a big overhaul of its DCEU over the coming months. And what better way to kick things off with an Aquaman movie that lifts Arthur Curry, the butt of superhero jokes for generations, and propels him toward box office glory? December 21st is the date for your diaries.

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