Watch: Venom: Let There Be Carnage Fan Trailer Teases A Symbiote Showdown

Now that we’re not going to be seeing Venom 2 (now titled Venom: Let There Be Carnage) for an additional 8 months on top of the 6 we were already set for, fans are due something to tide themselves over. Sure, the fan trailer I’m plugging today is unlikely to make up for that loss, but it’s the best we can do until lockdown passes. I’m trying, alright? And besides, this video is another impressive effort from talented YouTuber Billy Crammer that’s well worth a watch.

Circling back to that title, though, and I hadn’t fully appreciated how cheesy it really was until it was pointed out in the article covering its postponement. Sounds like a tagline from an 80s B-movie if you ask me. Fingers crossed the actual film doesn’t mirror its unfortunate new label.

Which brings me to the other thing I was unaware of prior to seeing the headline. Initially I was going to open today’s piece with something along the lines of, “Despite coronavirus delaying the release of dozens of blockbusters, Venom 2 has managed to buck the trend.” How wrong I was. 2020 gets emptier and emptier by the day, doesn’t it?

Anyways, do you have any thoughts on this Venom: Let There Be Carnage fan trailer? Or on the news that the movie has been thrown into 2021? The latter is doubtless a sore point, and you may well have vented your frustration elsewhere.

My first memory of the pandemic was a friend decrying the decision to cancel No Time to Die’s April release – that was before the lockdown. The decision certainly looks a lot more rational now than it did then. Still, silver linings and all that, as 2021 is going to be the beefiest year for film releases in history.