Check Out The Full Trailer For Stephenie Meyer’s The Host

To paraphrase a famous quote: “Just when you thought you were out, she pulls you back in.” And by she, we mean Stephenie Meyer, whose Twilight series spawned five feature films from four books, each one centered on the slightly odd (and increasingly sexual) relationship shared between a teenage girl, a vampire and a werewolf.

The last film is out soon, and then all this Twilight stuff should die down for a while. But Meyer’s other book (which admittedly looks far more interesting) The Host is on its way in film form (and right on schedule): the latest trailer has just been unveiled to entice you into getting emotional invested in a new weird love story. View it below, if Stephenie Meyer happens to be your sort of thing.

Though the book is of course off-limits to me for reasons of personal hygiene, The Host depicts a world in which aliens have taken over the bodies of human beings through, like, getting into their heads and erasing their memories. There are a few normal humans left, though, and the film looks to be about them being chased in shiny cars and kissing.

The main character, Melanie, is played by Saoirse Ronan, who annoys me already because I always have to look up her name to see how to spell it. Diane Kruger and Jake Abel also star. And look, there’s Jeremy Iron’s son, Max Irons (cool name), who seems to have taken a role as “romantic male lead who is good at kissing.” Stephenie Meyer boys have to be good at kissing.

The Host, directed by Andrew Niccol, is out March 29th 2013.

What do you make of the new trailer? Is this something you can see yourself watching, or are you too dedicated to Twilight to think about anything else?

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