Check Out This Hour-Long Roundtable With Michael Haneke, Judd Apatow & John Krasinski

There are certain people you just can’t imagine talking to one another in real life. For example, try to imagine controversial auteur Michael Haneke and The Office‘s prankmeister John Krasinski sitting in a room and having a casual conversation about, say, movies. And yet things like this do happen sometimes, as is the case in this hour-long roundtable (courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter) that also includes Judd Apatow, Mark Boal, David Magee and Chris Terrio.

Either you’re really excited by the prospect of such a roundtable or it’s your idea of a living hell. However you feel about it, you can always make it better if you just pretend that this is Michael Haneke’s next film and he’s lured them all into the room to talk whilst he… sits in silence for the first 9 minutes?

That’s how this goes down at first, anyway. When Haneke finally does open his mouth to say something (via translator), he’s got some bad things to say about our good ol’ Uncle Spielberg and his Oscar-winning picture Schindler’s List: Hanke much prefers holocaust drama Night and Fog instead. Maybe Spielberg doesn’t like Funny Games, Mike. Maybe he prefers… uh… another really, really depressing film about audience expectations. Ever thought of that?

Anyway, you can check out the whole video below.