Check Out New Instagram Trailer And Pics For Jobs Biopic


I admit that the trailer for the Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher – unfortunately titled just Jobs – left me less than inspired. I always try not to judge a film based on its trailer, though. Jobs has a pretty spectacular supporting cast to make up for my lack of faith in Kutcher. Maybe the next trailer will be better, different, more unique.

Maybe not. For whatever reason, the next semi-trailer for Jobs hit on Instagram’s new 15 second space for videos and … well, it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a 15 second Instagram video. Ashton Kutcher gives us a brief, rousing speech about misfits and heroes and people who change the world. The speech plays over images of young shirtless Steve Jobs and older, turtlenecked Steve Jobs. Both are not so much Steve Job-y as they are Ashton Kutcher pretending to be Steve Jobs, and looking very serious about it.

Accompanying the so-called trailer comes a whole wealth of new pictures, and a poster, for Jobs, once more reinforcing that Ashton Kutcher is a serious actor taking serious things seriously. We may glimpse the supporting cast, including Josh Gad, there in the background.

When I consider that the man in the turtleneck died a mere two yeas ago, I wonder at how quickly they managed to roll this film out. I’d also like to know if this is going to present the Apple founder warts and all – I mean, he wasn’t the kindest man on the planet, according to many reports – or if we’ll get warm and inspiring look at the genius behind Apple. I kind of suspect that this is going to be less Social Network and more Lincoln.

We shall know the truth when Jobs hits theatres August 16. Until then, check out the Instagram trailer below, along with all the new pics.