Keanu Reeves Joins The Team In Awesome Expendables 4 Fan Trailer


Ever imagined what an Expendables 4 concept trailer would look like if Keanu Reeves was spliced into it? No? Come on, not even once? I’ll take your word for it. Whether you have or haven’t, you’re going to have that image come to life in a couple of seconds (unless you’ve already clicked away, of course).

YouTube trailer artist Billy Crammer has devised his own version of the Keanu-Expendables movie. Yes, it’s a fan trailer. But I suppose it’s an art form of a kind, right? In a way. Sort of. Anyways, you can catch the clip up above and like all of Crammer’s efforts, it’s certainly impressive.

Of course, unless Keanu gets cast in the film – which is a possibility, I suppose – this fan-made trailer is unfortunately the closest we’ll ever get to him appearing in the franchise. Maybe in 20 years when he officially qualifies for the geriaction genre he’ll get the gig?

As I like to round things off though, I’ll reverse the roles for a minute. The trailer cuts scenes from Reeves’ own action baby, the much-acclaimed John Wick series (among many other films) into footage from Sylvester Stallone’s beloved franchise. But why not reimagine John Wick with some of The Expendables’ finest? I don’t know how well some of that cast’s more, er, wizened members would cope with the intense gun-fu of the Wickerverse, but hey, it’d be a spectacle to witness.

Stallone and Schwarzenegger could play the light relief to Keanu’s straight man stoicism. Hollywood producers, your latest million-dollar idea has just hit the web (not fan). I’ll sit here and wait for the bidding war to commence.

In the meantime, watch out for The Expendables 4 to arrive in 2021, possibly (but probably not) with Keanu Reeves.

Source: YouTube