Watch: Henry Cavill Returns In Awesome Man Of Steel 2 Fan Trailer

Man of Steel 2

Before I jet off to play video games, and by jet off I mean walk down one flight of stairs to switch on the TV, I’ve got a task to do. And that’s bringing you another fan trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist yet (but that doesn’t stop the world from imagining what it would look like).

Man of Steel never got a direct sequel – I’m not counting Batman V Superman – and that’s left Man of Steel 2 to the minds of internet creatives. Case in point: Earlier this week, internet creative and YouTube artist Billy Crammer devised his own concept trailer for the as-yet unmade movie. And you can check out another impressive effort from the video editor up above.

Personally, I remember the thrill of seeing that brilliant, moody post-Dark Knight teaser for a new Superman pic all those years ago, a carefully constructed reveal with no hints at what it could be, until the parting shot. I also remember being blissfully unaware that the name attached to direct it couldn’t have been a worse omen for its prospects.

Zack Snyder took the tantalizing idea of an epic, Nolan-esque Superman film and ran it into the ground. Man of Steel was one half storytelling mess, one half punishing action-effects slog. Kind of like Batman V Superman come to think of it. Snyder shouldn’t have been given the gig in the first place, and if we ever do get a Man of Steel 2 (which at this point looks unlikely), I hope a more talented director gets a shot.

That’s my soapbox polemic over. Counter-arguments are always encouraged in the comments section, though, and I’ve laid down the gauntlet. The fate of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel 2 depends on it.