Tom Holland Hangs Out With Spider-Man: Far From Home Cast In New Pic


In just under a year, we’ll be seeing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man web-sling his way through the finest cities in Europe, which is certainly an upgrade from being a pile of dust on a distant alien world.

Everything we’ve heard so far about Spider-Man: Far From Home sounds awesome, from the globetrotting narrative, the possibility of seeing Hydro-Man on screen and the tantalizing prospect of Jake Gyllenhaal chewing scenery as Mysterio. But, judging from this new Instagram photo seen down below, it looks like they aren’t going to neglect Homecoming‘s wonderful supporting cast.

The picture shows some of the principle actors having a relaxed night out, with Tom Holland, Zendaya (MJ), Jacob Batalon (Ned) and Tony Revolori (Flash) enjoying a drink in the VIP area of the Lovebox music festival in London. There’s a couple of unfamiliar faces alongside them, too, including Oli Hill, who posted the pic on his Instagram feed.

Naturally, the rabidly curious MCU fans have immediately started speculating as to who he’s been cast as, with a general consensus quickly being reached that this guy is definitely the new Harry Osborn. And the woman in the red top? Why, who’s to say she’s not Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman?

Personally, I’m hoping the Holland’s Spider-Man steers clear of any and all Osborn-related drama, at least for the next couple of films. The Raimi Spider-Man movies eventually got bogged down in too much interpersonal (and slightly soap operatic) drama revolving around Peter’s friendship with Harry, and the Amazing Spider-Man‘s take on it didn’t exactly set the world alight. My bet is that these are just personal friends of Holland’s hanging out with his Spider-buddies at a festival. Even so, I can’t deny I’m not jealous of getting the chance to chill with the MCU’s most charming supporting cast.

Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into cinemas on July 5th, 2019