Check Out Jurassic World’s Genetically-Modified Dinosaur; First Trailer May Land Soon


UPDATE: The images have been removed at the request of the studio.

Life, as they say, will always find a way; whether it’s through generations of Darwinian evolution or via ambitious geneticists who can’t help but play God. In the case of Jurassic World, it’s the latter scenario that forms the DNA of the film’s narrative and today, we got a pre-emptive look at one of the genetically-modified dinosaurs that will be roaming around Isla Nublar in 2015.

The images come courtesy of GrooveBricks, who managed to unearth leaked images for the reboot’s LEGO tie-in, and on the face of it, the snow-white dino is in line with what director Colin Trevorrow described a few months back.

“Yes, there will be one new dinosaur created by the park’s geneticists. The gaps in her sequence were filled with DNA from other species, much like the genome in the first film was completed with frog DNA. This creation exists to fulfill a corporate mandate—they want something bigger, louder, with more teeth. And that’s what they get.

“I know the idea of a modified dinosaur put a lot of fans on red alert, and I understand it. But we aren’t doing anything here that Crichton didn’t suggest in his novels. This animal is not a mutant freak. It doesn’t have a snake’s head or octopus tentacles. It’s a dinosaur, created in the same way the others were, but now the genetics have gone to the next level.”

Alas, there is still a fair amount of mystery surrounding Jurassic World at this time. There’s no doubting that the information Trevorrow has divulged is fascinating, and a genuine way to take it the franchise to the next level, but all we’ve seen so far are concept art of the futuristic island and the leading cast members. However, that might be about to change very soon, as reports have suggested that the maiden trailer for the film is inching ever closer to release, with the director planning to launch it in and around Thanksgiving weekend.

As always, we’ll keep you right up to date with all the news pertaining to Jurassic World before it roars into theaters on June 12th, 2015. In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on the images for the film’s D-Rex below.