Check Out This Egg-Squisite New Poster For Alien: Covenant


20th Century Fox has released a new poster for Alien: Covenant today, further hyping us up for the hotly anticipated new trailer, due to debut in front of LoganMake sure you don’t look too closely at it though and expose your squishy, vulnerable face. In fact, as the poster commands, you’d better “HIDE.”

Hidden in a gloomy green twilight, the poster gives us a look at a subtly redesigned xenomorph egg. The egg from 1979’s Alien is an absolutely iconic science-fiction image, introduced during the creepiest sequence of a very creepy film. I’ve seen Alien more times than I can count, but I still whisper “don’t do it dude” as John Hurt’s (RIP) soon to be impregnated space trucker peers down at the H.R. Giger’s squishy, gross alien egg.

This new poster is yet another reminder Covenant won’t be some cheap franchise cash-in. Director Ridley Scott is seeking to do justice to his genre-defining classic, soon to be celebrating its 40th anniversary. From what we know, it’ll tell the story of the titular colony ship, as they discover an uncharted paradise, occupied only by the android David (Michael Fassbender), who’s survived the tense (and let’s face it, kind of confusing) events of Prometheus.

With this poster also comes with the news that Alien: Covenant is due to hit cinemas in the UK and Ireland on May 12th, a week earlier than the May 19th US release. So far, it looks very promising and we’ve got our fingers crossed that the incoming red band trailer lives up to the stratospheric expectations.