Check Out Patti Smith’s “Mercy Is” Lyric Video For Noah


With Noah seeming to be the film on everyone’s mind this week, Paramount is looking to keep the momentum going on its extensive publicity campaign for the Biblical epic. Today, the studio released a lyric video set to images from Aronofsky’s latest. The song playing over the images, Patti Smith’s “Mercy Is,” which was written by Clint Mansell and will be featured on the film’s official soundtrack.

You’ve probably heard the song already, given that it was released last week, but this lyric video is definitely worth a watch. “Mercy Is” is a beautiful track, and mixed with some striking images from the film, it really becomes quite powerful. The video may not reveal much about Noah itself, but it’s still a great bit of promotion for what is undoubtedly going to be one of the year’s biggest movies.

Check out the “Mercy Is” lyric video below and be sure to catch Noah when it releases this Friday!