Check Out New Pics From Machete Kills


With most of the major summer blockbusters out of the way, for good or ill, we begin to turn our attention to the somber tales of fall, the festival circuit and, of course, awards season. In this vein, we have new pictures from indie auteur Robert Rodriguez’s latest directorial effort and certain Oscar contender Machete Kills.

Oh, fine, it’s not an Oscar contender and it’s not going to win any awards; unless some film festival decides to start handing out Most Badass Chick awards, in which case I’m positive that Michelle Rodriguez will be a frontrunner. Still, you must admit that Machete Kills is being marketed as an excellent fall alternative to some of the more pensive, hard-hitting or internal Oscar baits that we’re usually favored with as the leaves begin to turn.

The three new pics from Machete Kills don’t show us anything that we haven’t already seen before; they simply remind us of what we can expect from this sequel to Machete. First up we have Antonio Banderas looking a lot like Cheech Marin, sporting a spectacular mustache and golden gun. Next comes Danny Trejo as Machete, chatting on the phone to his best bud or something, with a noose around his neck. And finally, we have Sofia Vergara, this time carrying a non-boob enhanced piece of weaponry.

Machete Kills has a plot, but we don’t really care about plot. Danny Trejo is back as our hero, with Charlie Sheen/Carlos Estevez as the President, Mel Gibson as the bad guy, and lots of cameos from some expected (and unexpected) celebrities. It’s sure to be cheesy, sure to be silly, sure to be completely over the top as only Robert Rodriguez can do. But above all, Machete Kills is going to be badass.

Machete Kills hits theatres October 11. Check out the latest pics below.