Check Out These Pictures From R.I.P.D. With Ryan Reynolds & Jeff Bridges

R.I.P.D. kind of sounds like the worst idea ever, but I’m assured by fans of the comic book that it’s actually really good. I put my reservations on hold then until this thing makes it into theatres, despite the fact that the plot seems like one of those you make up after you’ve come up with the title. For anyone who doesn’t know, R.I.P.D. tells the story of a recently slain cop who finds himself joining a crew of undead police officers (“Rest In Peace Department”) and trying to find the man who murdered him. Bizarre.

There’s a film version in production right this second, however, and we’ve got two pictures below that show Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges and Mary-Louise Parker shooting a scene in L.A. yesterday. So actors do work Sundays, then.

There’s not much to gather from the pictures except for an idea of the kind of costumes the characters will be wearing, though you can’t beat Jeff Bridges in a cowboy hat. Let’s hope Ryan Reynolds manages to avoid the shittiness apparent in another comic book adaptation he did last year, a movie so bad that I don’t even want to write its name. Okay, I will: Green Lantern. Now go and tell all your friends never to watch it, because that’s your duty as a member of the human race.

R.I.P.D. is directed by Robert Kneeler and will hit theatres July 19th 2013.

Source: ComingSoon