Check Out The First Poster For Jurassic Park 3D

If you’ve got an extremely famous movie just sitting their in the archives doing nothing, you might as well do something with it, right? Like, uh, release a new Blu-ray version with sixteen extra discs, or… um, a special collector’s director’s edition that spurts quotes from the film when you open the case. Or save yourself the hassle of work and just re-release it in theatres in 3D, I guess.

So Jurassic Park is the next movie to convert its way into cinema’s most beloved format (?), because what’re more suited for 3D representation than freakin’ dinosaurs? Yep. You can check out the new poster below.

So, come April 5th 2013, you’ll be able to finally see – no, feel – just how big Dennis Nedry really is in a spellbinding three-dimensions. And then, of course, there are those classic sequences involving the dinosaurs which might benefit from the addition of 3D. But mainly Dennis Nedry.

Jurassic Park, of course, is a cautionary warning on the advancement of science and its meddling of nature. The movie was first released in 1993, at a time when Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum could play the main characters in something like this and nobody would say, “Yeah, but who’s the star of the movie?” Seriously. It was okay back then.

What do you think, then? Interested in seeing Jurassic Park in 3D?

Source: The Film Stage