Check Out Posters For The Frozen Ground With Cage And Cusack


Nicolas Cage and John Cusack have not been doing so hot lately. Cage probably wins in the WTF department, but Cusack has come a close second. Films like The Numbers Station and The Raven have not done much for Cusack’s credibility and he has as many films in pre-production as Cage does. But maybe The Frozen Ground, which pairs the Con Air co-stars once more, will be a turning point for both, with some new posters hitting today.

The Frozen Ground stars Nicolas Cage as an Alaskan detective pursuing serial killer Robert Hansen (John Cusack) through Anchorage. Hansen apparently likes murdering street girls – I assume that we’re talking about prostitutes here – but the detective doesn’t get a break in the case until he comes across Vanessa Hudgens, an escapee who provides key information about Hansen. Cue the manhunt … and this time, it’s personal.

The Frozen Ground sounds like a standard serial killer thriller, but the cast is pretty good. The director is Scott Walker, whose only other credit to date is a short film. Cage and Cusack will be joined by that grand thespian Curtis Jackson, better known to legitimate theatre patrons as 50 Cent. Mr. Jackson plays – deep breath now – Pimp Clate Johnson, according to IMDb. Oh boy.

The new posters are again pretty standard, even down to the tagline ‘The hunter becomes the hunted.’ I swear, I have seen that line at least a hundred times. No exaggeration. But you know what? I like Nicolas Cage and I like John Cusack and I want them both to make good movies again. So, without being facetious, I hope that The Frozen Ground is better than standard. Or if it is standard, then I hope it’s a really good standard. Nothing wrong with a good by-the-numbers thriller.

The Frozen Ground will come to theatres August 23. Check out the posters below.