Check Out Robert De Niro & Sylvester Stallone In First Image From Grudge Match


Though I’m not expecting too much out of Grudge Match, the teaming up of Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro in a boxing film is still an exciting prospect. I mean, come on, it’s Rocky and Jake LaMotta in the same movie, at least some good has to come of it, right?

While it’s still too early to tell how this one will turn out, we now have an official image from the film, featuring De Niro and Stallone arguing with Kevin Hart. It’s not much and it’s a shame that we couldn’t get a look at our two stars in a more boxing-related setting but hey, at least it’s something.

Directed by Get Smart helmer Peter Segal, the film follows Stallone and De Niro as “boxing rivals who briefly depart retirement to have one final match, fifty years after their last bout.” Co-starring are Alan Arkin, Kim Basinger and Jon Bernthal.

Admittedly, there’s a pretty good cast in place here and seeing De Niro and Stallone go head to head could be fun. That being said, neither of these actors are what they used to be and neither of them give very good performances anymore. De Niro hasn’t had a good film in years, aside from Silver Linings Playbook, and as for Stallone, his Expendables series is enjoyable but he’s hardly the best part about those movies.

Hopefully this one turns out better than I think it will because it could be amusing to see these two legendary actors go up against each other. Right now though, I just don’t have much hope for the film.

Grudge Match opens on Christmas Day. Tell us, are you excited for it or do you think it would have been a better idea to make something like this twenty years ago, before Stallone and De Niro became washed up.