Check Out The Stirring International Trailer For Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln

“Slavery, sir. It’s done.”

Those are the defining words uttered by Daniel Day-Lewis‘s Abraham Lincoln in the final trailer for Steven Spielberg‘s upcoming Lincoln, which looks to be getting even more epic with every glimpse of footage we see.

This one also happens to be kind of emotional, with John Williams’ stirring score giving the trailer a warming, patriotic feel. If you try really hard, you might be able to make yourself cry. Go on. We’ll wait for you.

There’s also a better glimpse of Tommy Lee Jones‘ character, whose rallying against those nasty slavery-lovers looks to be both brilliantly-acted and kind of badass (in a 19th century sense, of course).

The film is set to focus on the great President’s noble attempts to get slavery abolished within the United States, much to the annoyance of those citizens who completely disagree with his decision (those are the bad guys).

You can view the trailer below. It’s expensive-looking, that’s for sure, and most likely a contender for Best Picture at next year’s Oscars, hm?

Lincoln hits limited theaters on November 9th and nationwide on November 16th.

Source: The Film Stage

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