Final Trailer For A Quiet Place Is Absolutely Terrifying


Many great horror films have a deceptively simple premise. It FollowsThe Ring and The Descent can all be explained in just a couple of words – as can the upcoming A Quiet Place.

The tagline is “if they hear you, they hunt you,” with the concept being that the protagonists are terrorized by monsters that hunt by sound, meaning that the only way to stay alive is to be completely silent. It’s currently sitting at an unblemished 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (our review here) and promises to be the first breakout horror hit of the year.

Now, Paramount are taking advantage of this early hype with the final trailer for the film ahead of its release on April 6th, peppering in critical praise alongside spine-tingling clips from the movie itself. I was already pretty psyched up for the pic, and this latest trailer is just going to make the next couple of days feel that much longer.

Of course, other studios will be carefully watching to see how A Quiet Place does at the box office. 2017 was a bonanza year for horror cinema, with hits like SplitGet Out, Jigsaw, Annabelle: Creation and the all-conquering It breaking box office records and pleasing fans. 2018, meanwhile, has already seen Insidious: The Last Key rake in $166.2 million on a budget of $10 million in January, so hopes are high that A Quiet Place will do similarly great business.

With horror now such a money-spinner, many studios are pumping cash into projects in the hopes of igniting the next big franchise. This renaissance for the genre is long overdue, too, with critics finally understanding that just because a film might feature a horrible monster tearing a cast limb from limb, that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got something to say about the world.

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