First Look At Thor’s New Armour In Avengers: Infinity War


If you’re facing down an Infinity Stone powered Mad Titan, you’ve got to look your best. This is probably why Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is looking so damn dapper in those recently released Avengers: Infinity War promotional pictures that accompany the big Kevin Feige interview in Vanity Fair

Let’s be honest, though. While this new outfit – seen in the gallery below – is in the upper echelons of MCU Thor costumery, it’s still not exactly breaking the mold when it comes to design. Six big round ‘buckles’? Check. Faux chain-mail sleeves? Check. Flowing red cape? Check. Yup, it’s a Thor outfit alright.

But dig a little deeper and you can actually start to figure out a bit more about where the character ended up after Ragnarok. Perhaps most notably, the God of Thunder is looking remarkably binocular here. One of the big moments in the finale of the aforementioned threequel was Thor losing his right eye, mirroring the look of his dad Odin and signifying that he’s ready to assume the throne of Asgard. Yet, could he have regrown it already? On top of that, the leaked Comic-Con footage of Infinity War also showed him with two eyes. So, what gives?

Well, the current word is that they’re going to fix this glaring error digitally in post, with what was shown at Comic-Con being an early VFX draft. That’s a bit of a worry for me. After all, we’re only just recovering from the Superman CGI upper lip fiasco. Then again, a CGI eyepatch is a tiny bit less challenging than getting rid of a moustache.

Also interesting is that Thor seems to be wielding good old Mjolnir, which was also destroyed in Ragnarok. We’ve already been promised (and seen concept art of) a new weapon for the hero in Infinity War, with the shaft being provided by none other than Groot. Maybe, then, they just had a spare prop lying about for the shoot and didn’t want to blow their load on Thor’s weapon too early? Or, maybe this picture is a little more photoshopped than they’re letting on?

We’ll know for sure when we see that much anticipated Avengers: Infinity War trailer, which may be here as soon as December 3rd.