Check Out The Trailer For The Iron Man 3 Trailer

The first footage from Iron Man 3 has arrived in the form of a trailer for the trailer. Of course, being just a tease for the full trailer, the footage only runs for about 17 seconds and it’s really hard to take anything away from it.

I’ve been vocal about this in the past but I think this idea of trailers for the actual trailer is ridiculous and it’s quite frankly, pretty annoying. But then again, when you have a film this big, hype tools like this just come with the territory.

I mean, it’s great to see everyone’s favorite (or at least my favorite) Avenger back in action but when only 10 of the 17 seconds in this teaser is footage from the film, it’s next to impossible to gain any insight into the Shane Black directed flick.

That being said, everything about the film looks and sounds promising. From the casting, to the new characters and to the storyline, everything points to us getting a better film than Iron Man 2.

The full trailer will be released on Tuesday, October 23rd at 12:01am so check back here at that time to get a peek at it. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for the Iron Man 3 trailer below.