Children Of The Corn Remake In The Works With Equilibrium Director

Children of the Corn

The Coronavirus pandemic has truly affected every facet of filmmaking – from big-name Hollywood blockbusters like Black Widow to small indie films gestating in development.

And with theaters closed, major studios like Universal have explored a straight-to-digital model – much to the chagrin of AMC and Regal. But that’s a whole other story.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (h/t Bloody Disgusting), though, a full-fledged Children of the Corn remake continues to make ground Down Under, where director Kurt Wimmer and producer Lucas Foster (Ford v Ferrari) have been shooting their remake of the Stephen King classic – all the while adhering to safety protocols.

It will be the first Children of the Corn film since 2018’s Runaway, and we’re already intrigued to see the final product. Here’s that brief status report, courtesy of THR:

“On the outskirts of Sydney, producer Lucas Foster (Ford v Ferrari) and director Kurt Wimmer have managed to quietly continue their shoot on The Children of the Corn, a remake of the 1984 horror classic, despite lockdown measures imposed across Australia on March 23.” The article notes that “Foster secured an exemption to the general quarantine rules.”

Children of the Corn

THR goes on to point out that Kimmer and Foster managed to secure their exemption thanks to the outdoor shooting locations which, coupled with the limited cast and crew members, has reduced the risk of transmitting the virus. There have even been stories of locals reporting this production of Children of the Corn to the authorities, fearing that said project was breaching the country’s quarantine measures.

Against all the odds, this new take on Children of the Corn continues to make headway in development. When, exactly, it will see the warm light of day remains to be seen, but so long as Kimmer and Foster are able to continue filming, we wouldn’t be surprised to see their final product emerge blinking into the sunlight before the year’s end. Watch this space.