Child’s Play Cosplayers Fill Up A Theater For Creepy Early Screening


Likely representing some people’s worst nightmare, an army of Child’s Play super fans used an advance screening of the horror reboot to turn out in full costume as the evil doll. Bloody Disgusting were at the event, and shared some photos of what was, at best, a truly surreal experience for all involved.

The screening at the Alamo Drafthouse in Texas was intended by Orion Pictures as a “Chucky Only” event, which is probably for the best for anyone not in costume. Fans wore Chucky’s iconic ‘Buddi’ overalls and had their look topped off with hair and makeup, as well as the option for Chucky masks.

As the photos below from the screening show, the sight of so many versions of the serial killer-possessed doll makes for quite a sight. It’s not the first time the Alamo has used this tactic, though. Most notably (and horrifyingly), they did the same thing recently through an all-clown screening of It.

We have to give credit to the marketing team behind Child’s Play though, who’ve overcome negative publicity about the movie being disowned by series creator Don Mancini to run some real creative advertising. Some of our favorites have been a running poster gag that sees Chucky lay waste to the Toy Story gang, while Mark Hamill has had fun with his casting as the voice of the doll in the movie, too.

The new Child’s Play provides an alternative take on the franchise as a mother (Aubrey Plaza) gives a technologically advanced Buddi doll to her young son Andy (Gabriel Bateman). Cue mayhem and a now-familiar plot-line of Andy trying to convince those around him that the doll is possessed by the spirit of a serial killer. As in the original killer doll movies though, these warnings are usually too little, too late.