Child’s Play Creator Says He Once Considered Sending Chucky To Space

Child’s Play is kicking ass right now. The 2019 reboot vastly exceeded expectations, was a rollercoaster of laughs and scares and featured an excellent performance from Mark Hamill as Chucky. But longtime fans of the ‘classic’ killer doll are also in for a treat too, as tonight sees the series premiere of Chucky. The upcoming TV show is helmed by original creator Don Mancini, boasts the vocal talents of Brad Dourif, and will continue the long-running saga seen in the first seven movies.

So far, the murderous playmate has been around for 28 years, eight movies, and a ton of cameo appearances across various media (I particularly enjoyed him popping up in Ready Player One). But there’s one place he hasn’t been yet: the inky depths of space.

It’s a horror in-joke that long-in-the-tooth franchises eventually do a sci-fi installment, with Friday the 13th, Hellraiser, Critters, and Leprechaun all having sequels set off-world. Now, Mancini has revealed that he at least considered taking Chucky into orbit. In an interview with Comicbook he said:

“I don’t think I’ve ever come up with like, ‘Oh, Chucky couldn’t possibly go there.’ I don’t think so. And I think one of the great things about Chucky is that he’s such a versatile character and we’ve found that he operates successfully in all kinds of different tones and sub genres, whether it’s horror, or comedy, places in-between. So I think as a character he’s versatile enough and appealing enough and interesting enough that he could probably go anywhere even into outer space. Which is the one thing I think once I jokingly said something about sending Chucky into space, although I do think it would be a fun movie.”

This is backed up by previous comments that explain how a killer doll gets into space:

“I have an idea for Chucky in Space. You know how sometimes, like, kids will present a space shuttle crew with like, some totemic experiment or mascot or whatever? Chucky…Chucky in Space.”

If this did happen it’s likely to be a way to mock other movies for taking the action into a spaceship, but would provide for some badass kills. And plus, as Mancini notes:

Who wouldn’t want to see Chucky in a little space suit with a helmet, sort of like floating?”

The doll’s altogether more grounded adventures continue tonight in Chucky, which premieres on Syfy.