Child’s Play Reboot Almost Ruined Chucky Creator’s Plans

Longtime fans of the Chucky film franchise are likely giddy with excitement at the upcoming release of a new TV series releasing next week. But it may surprise you to know, the screenwriter behind the original 1988 Child’s Play, Don Macini, said the recent reboot almost sidelined his future plans.

In an interview with ComicBook, Mancini explained he felt returning to the killer doll felt like reclaiming the character and franchise back after the unsuccessful 2019 outing of which he did not take part. And the release of 2019 Child’s Play was also puzzling to many fans since the original film series had still been ongoing at that point.

“There was no way of knowing how that could impact what we’ve been doing for decades at Universal. And there was worry about it, it wasn’t just me. It was also powers that be at the studio, like how much appetite is there going to be for this character? And if that movie had broken out, if it had been successful, then it could have harmed our plans. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.”

Mancini went on to say that he doesn’t feel any resentment to the filmmakers, cast, and crew who were involved in the reboot, either, except maybe just a bit for its producers.

The Chucky TV show will premiere Tuesday, October 12th on SyFy and USA Network and takes place immediately after the events of the 2017 sequel Cult of Chucky.