Chip ‘n’ Dale Are Coming To The Big Screen



Disney’s classic cartoon duo, Chip ‘n’ Dale, are set to return on the big screen. Robert Rugan, an award-winning commercial director, recently pitched a revival to the House of Mouse in the form of a live-action/CG production, and the studio has jumped on board. Mandeville Films, responsible for the recently-resuscitated Muppets franchise, are set to produce.

Chip ‘n’ Dale‘s history with Disney goes all the way back to the ’40s, but the cartoon never saw mainstream success until 1989’s Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers. That show portrayed the duo as private detectives; Chip was the smart one, and Dale was the wacky one. Rescue Rangers consisted of three seasons in which Chip and Dale helped out distressed animal clients. The show then enjoyed a very long and successful syndication run. Rugan’s film will reportedly utilize the original show’s detective concept and tell the duo’s origin story.

Live-action/CG hybrids have seen a lot of success at the box-office in recent years, from Alvin & the Chipmunks to The Smurfs. While these animated blockbusters don’t go over too well with critics, they certainly know their target audience and usually do gangbusters at the box office. With Chip ‘n’ Dale, however, I’m hoping we’ll get something a bit more mature. It really is a great property, and if the film is made with care and passion for the characters, rather than just quickly pieced together to cash in on a once-successful franchise, it could be prove to be something special, especially for those of us with fond childhood memories of the duo.

Tell us, are you interested in seeing a live-action/CG hybrid version of Chip ‘n’ Dale? Let us know in the comments section.

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