First Addams Family Promo Teases Tomorrow’s Trailer


After an absence of 26 years, the kookiest, spookiest, altogether ookiest clan you’ll ever meet are returning to the big screen this Halloween. The Addams Family will resurrect the beloved gothic brood in a quirky animated movie that looks to capture what’s made Charles Addams’ creations so perennially popular for decades. And we’re about to get our first glimpse at the pic when the trailer arrives tomorrow.

Ahead of that, though, star Chloe Grace Moretz has now given us a tease of what’s to come. The actress, who’ll voice morose teen Wednesday Addams in the film, dropped a short promo on her Twitter account today which features a brief animation of the Addams’ eldest child reminding us about the upcoming preview, while the classic finger-snapping theme plays over the top.

Moretz is far from the only big name bringing the Addams back to life in the animation, though. In a perfect bit of casting, Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron will voice Gomez and Morticia Addams, the suave patriarch and vampish matriarch of the family. Stranger Things‘ Finn Wolfhard, meanwhile, plays Wednesday’s brother Pugsley, while Nick Kroll is Uncle Fester and Bette Midler stars as Grandmama.

Plot-wise, the film will see the Addams become the target of a tyrannical TV host (voiced by Allison Janey) who wants to get rid of the bizarre family blighting her cosy town. For more, here’s the full synopsis:

“The Addams Family lives are turned upside down when they realize the town next door is suddenly full of uptight suburbanites led by an over-the-top TV host who is trying to build the perfect world- her way! – and who will stop at nothing to get rid of a freaky family like the Addams. If that’s not bad enough, Wednesday has to go to public school for the first time, and Pugsley has to prepare for a big performance that the extended Addams family from across the globe will be coming to judge. What could possibly go wrong?”

The Addams Family comes from Sausage Party directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan. Don’t expect another riotous R-rated movie from the pair, but hopefully they’ll bring something quirky and unique to the project when it hits theaters on October 11th.