Chloe Moretz May Star In If I Stay


A big screen adaptation of Gayle Forman’s young adult novel If I Stay has been discussed for a few years, but production hasn’t gone anywhere. That may be changing in the near future though, as Chloe Moretz is attached to star and RJ Cutler is in talks to direct the film.

If I Stay tells the story of 17-year-old Mia, who is suddenly separated from her body while on a drive with her family and forced to watch an accident that kills her parents and severely injures her and her brother. The switch isn’t as supernatural as it is a switch in perspective from which Mia reminisces about various events and people in her life, all while her body is in a coma.

The story alternates between the past and the present and details lots of her relationships, including the one with her boyfriend, Adam. Their relationship provides her with the dilemma of a future with him in Oregon or continuing her musical training at Julliard. Of course, that dilemma is secondary to the one of whether to fight to survive or to give in to the sadness and despair over all she has lost.

My initial thought on that story is it makes for a really interesting book, but possibly not for the best film. The changing perspective could be excellent if done well, but that involves a lot of time in the main character’s mind, something that isn’t as easy to do on film as it is in written fiction. That may be why this movie has had such a hard time getting off the ground. Way back in 2009 Catherine Hardwicke was set to direct the film, but in 2010 Heitor Dhalia replaced Hardwicke as the director and Dakota Fanning entered talks for Mia. Now in 2013, Dhalia and Fanning are out and Cutler and Moretz are in.

What do you think of If I Stay? Is this a film you’re interested in seeing, or do you think it’s better staying as only a book? Also, would you like to see Moretz as the star? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Variety

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