Chloe Moretz Wanted For The Wilderness Of James

Deadline is reporting that Chloe Moretz is in talks for The Wilderness of James, an indie film written by Michael Johnson. The coming of age story will also serve as Johnson’s directorial debut and will revolve around a “young boy dealing with the absence of his father.”

Set to start shooting next month, the young actress is looking to play Val, though no other details were given on her character. What’s interesting though is that she’ll star opposite Kodi Smit-McPhee if she decides to sign on.

If you recall, the two starred together in Let Me In, an excellent horror film released back in 2010. The two young actors showed great chemistry and were fantastic together on screen. They’re both immensely talented and to see them back together in the same film would be a real treat.

Currently, the actress is working on the remake of Carrie and then she’ll move on to Jeff Wadlow’s Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall, so there may be some scheduling issues. But, if all works out, we may see Chloe Moretz re-teaming with her Let Me In co-star.

And honestly, I’d like to see her do a film like this. She’s quickly making her way to the A-list, with a number of high profile films being tossed her way. To see that she still has an interest in doing smaller, indie films is great and I’d love to see her in something like this.