Choose A Side With This Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl Spot


While most of the population is watching the Super Bowl because they actually want to see who emerges victorious, some people tune in for another important reason: to catch all the new TV spots for the year’s most-anticipated films.

Of course, they’re all going to appear online as well, and the latest to arrive is Captain America: Civil War, which is quickly approaching its May 6th release date. Said to be one of the studio’s most ambitious and impressive efforts yet, everyone is eager to see what directors Joe and Anthony Russo have in store for us. And thankfully, this spot teases just that.

Made up of a good chunk of footage we’ve already seen, but also some new glimpses, it places the focus squarely on the titular war, essentially asking us to choose a side in the fight between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. It’s brief, but leaves an impact and certainly has us pumped for another full trailer.

Until that arrives, though, check out the new Captain America: Civil War TV spot above and let us know what you think.

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