Chris Cooper To Star Alongside Jake Gyllenhaal In Demolition


Following his astute tale of drugs and a man battling against the odds, Dallas Buyers Club director Jean-Marc Vallée is gearing up for his next project, Demolition. And according to a recent report by Deadline, the film has cast The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Chris Cooper.

Cooper will now join Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts for the movie, which is set to orbit around Gyllenhaal’s young investment banker shortly after the sudden death of his wife. After a desperate and ultimately fruitless bid to root out the cause of his partner’s passing, our protagonist then meets Watts’ character in a chance encounter — an encounter that looks set to offer him a shot at redemption.

Initial reports haven’t detailed exactly how Cooper will be written into the storyline, though his addition to Demolition’s cast is certainly good news indeed. Although, Jean-Marc Vallée’s forthcoming drama isn’t the film that has Cooper’s name on the tip of everyone’s tongue; rather, that title belongs to Chickadee, another drama that is currently in production.

As for Demolition’s other cast members, Gyllenhaal and Watts have each been drawing attention to their own upcoming roles, with the former pointing the spotlight towards pulse-pounding thriller, Nightcrawler, and the latter for her supporting role in Noah Baumbach’s While We’re Young.

Uniting Chris Cooper, Jake Gyllenhall and Naomi Watts, Jean-Marc Vallée’s Demolition is set to begin filming in New York on Monday, September 15th.

Source: Deadline