Chris Evans Reportedly Teaming Up With Anna Kendrick For New Musical


Chris Evans definitely isn’t sitting back and taking it easy after hanging up Captain America’s shield in Avengers: Endgame, as he’s got a range of projects of all shapes and sizes on the way. And now, he’s added another one into the mix. A new report is pointing to the Knives Out star making his musical debut in upcoming feature film Molly and the Moon, co-starring musical veteran Anna Kendrick.

The pic is said to follow Evans and Kendrick as a married couple whose newborn baby must undergo heart surgery, but after surviving the operation, the parents discover that their child will be mentally disabled. It sounds like a moving drama on its own, but the unexpected addition of musical numbers could make this a unique, must-see movie.

Evans has made clear that he’s itching to take part in a musical, and it looks like he’s finally found the perfect one. Given his newbie status in the genre, though, it makes sense to pair him with someone with a lot of experience like Kendrick, star of Into the Woods and the Pitch Perfect films. She also previously appeared in another dramatic musical, The Last Five Years. 


Molly and the Moon was announced last November, with Frozen duo Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff attached to lead at the time. Giant Freakin Robot, who are the ones reporting on this, don’t address this in their story, but Bell and Groff must have since exited the picture, allowing for Evans and Kendrick to take over. The movie comes from How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and is based on Thomas’ own experiences.

Chris Evans is likewise set to star in two Netflix pics, Adam McKay’s satire Don’t Look Up and thriller The Gray Man, not to mention Pixar’s Lightyear. And Anna Kendrick will next be seen in sci-fi flick Stowaway.