Chris Evans Is Up For Appearing In A Future Iron Man Movie

Civil War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has never been shy about cross-pollinating its characters, but Captain America: Civil War will mark the first time that both Cap (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) will appear together outside of one of the Avengers movies. These guys are considered to be Marvel’s top dogs and both actors are used to headlining their own solo flicks – so what was it like for Downey Jr. to take somewhat of a backseat to Evans’ titular Sentinel of Liberty?

When asked by EW, he took it all in his stride and, unsurprisingly, made a joke about it:

It just hit me yesterday, now that we’re six weeks in, that they were actually over his shoulder coming out of the elevator, not over my shoulder watching him come out of the elevator. I was like, oh, that’s right, it’s his point of view.

Evans, meanwhile, says he’d be more than willing to return the favor someday and make an appearance in one of Tony Stark’s solo adventures:

I’d be happy to be in an Iron Man movie. We’ve been in so many movies together, the titles are almost, at this point, inconsequential. We all win!

It’s possible Evans feels safe enough saying that because there is currently no Iron Man 4 on Marvel’s slate. But, given how much cash the first three have generated, one would think a fourth outing is inevitable. It’s really just a question of when we’ll get to see it at this point.