Chris Evans Says Avengers: Endgame Will Complete Cap’s Arc


As one of the original stars of the MCU, it’s long been assumed that Captain America will be completing his run in the franchise with Avengers: Endgame. And while the team at Marvel Studios is reluctant to confirm either way, actor Chris Evans has heavily hinted that the speculation has it right.

At a press conference for the Avengers: Infinity War sequel, Evans mentioned that Steve Rogers will come to the conclusion of his arc in this month’s release.

“It’s the completion of the arc, that’s safe to say, right?” Evans said, while looking to Endgame co-director Joe Russo. “This movie does provide kind of an ending to a lot of –”

At this point, Russo cut the star off with a game show sound effect to imply that he’d crossed the line. In response, Evans offered a clarification of his comments, explaining that he’s not necessarily talking about Steve dropping out of the saga.

“There is a 22-film tapestry, you know,” the actor said. “He’s been through so much.”

Though Evans stopped short of providing any specifics on Cap’s next chapter, it seems we have one more reason to believe that Evans will be hanging up the shield after Endgame.

Back in November of last year, Joe Russo muddied the waters a little when he said in an interview with ET Canada that Evans is “not done yet.” In the months since, however, reports have suggested that the director may have actually been referring to the possibility of the actor continuing to work for Marvel in a directing capacity, most likely for the upcoming Disney Plus shows.

At the same time, the prediction of Cap’s departure has only grown in prominence, though it remains to be seen whether his exit comes in the form of a heroic death, a quiet retirement or something else entirely. Regardless, all will be revealed when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.