Chris Evans Slams Donald Trump For His Coronavirus Response


It’s safe to say that many people are distinctly unhappy with the way the Trump administration is dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. First the epidemic wasn’t real, then it was “just the flu” and now it’s the Democrats fault somehow. Whatever the case, it’s a fact that in 2018 the Trump administration fired key officials tasked with keeping the country prepared for a pandemic and they weren’t replaced. Now, with the body count continuing to rise, a lot of people are particularly angry with Trump and his mismanagement of the situation.

One of them is Avengers: Endgame star Chris Evans, who watched President Trump’s press conference on the 15th of March and was so disgusted that he fired off a Tweet that quickly went viral (no pun intended). And here’s how it reads:

“The president just ran off stage after his rambling press conference without answering a single question. America wants answers. America wants leadership. America doesn’t want a president who runs off stage during a crisis and lets Mike Pence do all the talking.”

Reactions to the tweet were generally positive, with the comments spawning the expected wide range of Captain America reaction gifs. Plus, by this point every Twitter user and their dog knows that Chris Evans isn’t the world’s biggest fan of Donald Trump. But, as expected, there were also people defending Trump’s reaction, deflecting his criticism by arguing that China did it worse and pointing out that bodies are not *currently* piling up in the streets.

Like most people, Evans seems to have Coronavirus at the front of his thoughts right now. Last week he posted an update explaining that the virus would inevitably lead to some productions he’s involved with being delayed, pointing out that:

“Like so many of you, unfortunately we’ve had to move some things around. We’re making plans and will keep you updated. I hope everyone is planning ahead and seeking reliable information. Stay safe!!”

But even that has a subtle little jab at Trump, with the information provided by the administration roundly criticized as unreliable. I guess we’ll just have to see how far this one goes over the next few weeks, but I wouldn’t expect a thawing of relations between the President and Chris Evans anytime soon.