Chris Evans Jests About What Could Happen If Disney Buys Fox


As much as the past fifteen years or so have proven to be an embarrassment of riches for geeks and casual moviegoers the world over, the fact remains that several dream meetings between superheroes have yet to occur on the big screen. And what’s doubly maddening is that many of those on fans’ wishlists are those involving Marvel characters.

You see, while Disney, Marvel’s parent company, lays claim to the cinematic rights to the wealth of their characters, there are numerous others – chief among them being those who reside under the X-Men and Fantastic Four umbrellas – that call Fox home. But, with Disney possibly purchasing Fox as soon as next week, team-ups that we’ve come to take for granted in the comic book realm may soon be made reality.

Funny enough, Chris Evans, who’s starred in Marvel movies for both studios, recently weighed in on the situation via his Twitter page. Of course, he’s having a little fun at the expense of the acquisition, but here it is anyway:

While we highly doubt he’ll pull double duty as both Captain America and the Human Torch, this development would yield the possibility for such a team-up and countless others. Come to think of it, we could even see the original Human Torch, as one would think the Invaders are now on the table.

If anything, this’ll ultimately prevent the idea of the big team-up flick from becoming stale. So far, none have been able to surpass the box office take of 2012’s The Avengers, with 2015’s Age of Ultron coming up short. And while next year’s Infinity War has that sense of finality going for it, we can’t be too sure of what it’ll make. But if, say, Marvel were to hatch an Avengers vs. X-Men movie, well, we may not only see the team-up concept receive a shot in the arm, but Disney could have a veritable license to print money.