Chris Evans And Mark Hamill Debate If A Lightsaber Can Cut Through Cap’s Shield


Here’s a crossover you never thought would happen – Luke Skywalker and Captain America have debated who they think would win in a fight. Specifically, would Luke’s lightsaber destroy Steve Rogers’ vibranium shield or vice versa?

It all started with a viral post from a Twitter user which featured an image of a post-it note stuck to a toy of Cap’s shield next to a model lightsaber. It read: “My son just asked the toughest question that I’ve ever had to answer as a father… ‘Can a lightsaber cut through Captain America’s shield?'”

The user then decided to pose the question to the ones who would know the answer better than anyone: the actors of Star Wars and Marvel themselves. Sure enough, both replied, with Hamill saying that he believes Luke wouldn’t have a cause to battle a fellow good guy like Cap… but if pushed then he would absolutely cut the shield “into a million little pieces.”

Running with the idea, Chris Evans then added his own twist on the scenario. Seemingly agreeing that the lightsaber could cut up his character’s shield, Evans suggested Cap would keep going in the fight as Luke would have given him “vibranium ninja stars” out of the leftover bits of his weapon. Unfortunately, Hamill’s yet to respond with what he’d do next.

Though Disney owns both franchises, don’t expect to see these two universes ever crossover. The closest we’ll get will be in Ralph Breaks the Internet, which will see the central character escape onto the internet and feature cameos from Iron Man and Stormtroopers – so hey, you never know.

As it happens, though, both items are sort of out of action in their respective franchises. Cap left his original shield behind in Captain America: Civil War while Luke tragically died in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As such, it looks like this battle will be one that fans – and Chris Evans and Mark Hamill – will have to keep on debating.

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