Chris Evans’ New MCU Contract Reportedly Has An Option For More Than 3 Projects


It was inevitable that Chris Evans would be linked to every Marvel Cinematic Universe project under the sun when the news broke that he was in talks to return as Captain America. After all, we’ve seen the same thing happen on innumerable occasions with Robert Downey Jr., but unlike Evans, there’s not even been any official confirmation on the franchise’s Tony Stark speaking to anyone from the studio.

Fans were surprisingly divided on the bombshell that Evans was set for a comeback, though, with many believing it could overshadow Sam Wilson’s ascent towards becoming the MCU’s next Captain America, even if Anthony Mackie seems very much on board with the idea. Where exactly he’ll show up still remains to be seen, of course, but insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the Evans’ new contract is for three projects but also has an option for him to stay on for more than that. Unfortunately, however, there are no further details offered on which films/TV series he’s eyeing.

Given that the 39 year-old was only just announced to be in talks, there’s every chance he’s still hammering out the details. Not only that, but he was hugely hesitant about the prospect of a six-picture deal a decade ago, and after seemingly drawing a line under his tenure as Cap, he might not be particularly enthusiastic about committing to too many appearances all at once.

The initial story came with the information that Evans could well stick around for longer than just one project, though, and occupy a similar role to that of Downey Jr., who played a major part in several more MCU blockbusters after the conclusion of the Iron Man trilogy. However, until we know for certain that the original vintage Captain America will definitely be back on our screens on a regular basis, it’s best not to look too far into the future.