Chris Evans Reveals That His Favorite Marvel Hero Isn’t Captain America

chris evans captain america

Chris Evans may have left the MCU after Avengers: Endgame, but his Captain America will forever be a part of the franchise. That applies both in-universe, where Steve Rogers’ legacy and heroism are venerated as other characters struggle to fill his shoes and in the real world, where his dedication to the role and sheer charisma helped propel the MCU to world-conquering success.

As such, he’s likely to be asked about the role in interviews for some time and now, the star has revealed something rather shocking – Captain America isn’t his favorite Marvel superhero. In a recent interview with SCMP, he said:

“I love Captain America, but Spider-Man was my childhood hero. I would have loved doing scenes like attaching myself to the sides of buildings and trying to spring from one building to the next.”

I can see his point and, let’s be fair, everyone loves Spidey. Though the role is as physically demanding as Captain America, the actors playing him always seem to have a lot more fun with the part. Sadly, Evans has probably always been too conventionally hunky to play Peter Parker, even back at the beginning of his career. A Spider-Man actor needs to be plausible as a bit of a dork, something Tom Holland embodies very well and Andrew Garfield arguably didn’t.

But perhaps it was never meant to be, as Evans went on say:

“But I would have hated to wear Spider-Man’s mask. I’m very claustrophobic, and I doubt whether I could have worn that kind of full suit and mask for hours a day on a set. I much prefer my Captain America outfit, which I think is cooler anyway!”

Well, the jury’s out on that. Everyone agrees that his First Avenger, Winter Soldier, Infinity War and Endgame suits are great – but Captain America‘s costume in The Avengers simply looked embarrassing. Give me the sleek lines and popping colors of a Spidey-suit any day!